About Us

A Complete Melbourne PATISSERIE Experience

From a humble beginning back in 1995 at this same place, Filous has been Carlton North’s favourite local suburban patisserie shop. Over the years, Filous Patisserie on Lygon Street has become one of Melbourne’s most iconic places to visit to indulge in a delicious coffee, croissants, have freshly baked breads and pastries, authentic Fresh cakes and savoury pies and quiches. With quality ingredients and experienced bakers, Filous has been a one of a kind patisserie in the suburb. Our food is freshly baked by our experienced and passionate team of chefs daily. We only use ingredients and our focus is on producing fresh, tasty food which our customers can enjoy indulging.

We get what it is to live in of the world’s most vibrant cities and we are so excited to be contributing to the ever-evolving landscape that is Melbourne hospitality.

We have had experience in successfully planning and executing large scale events, and take great care in the preparation and delivery of an excellent product, no matter what the volume.